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How to use Windows Snipping Tool to take screenshot


Need to snip a screenshot from your computer? Do not want to shared unnecessary information on the screen other than a particular area? Always need to crop the picture after hitting the "PrintScreen" button? Read on and find out how the Snipping Tool can help!


Snipping Tool is a built-in software in Windows, it can help to capture a particular section of your screens and save as an image. 

1. From Start Menu, look for Snipping Tool.


2. Open Snipping Tool and you will see this window:


3. Next to New button, you can find a few options from the drop down menu:


 - Free Form Snip: You can capture the screen in an irregular shape.

 - Rectangular Snip: You can capture the screen in rectangular shape.

 - Window Snip: You can capture a particular window on the screen.

 - Full Screen Snip: You can capture the entire screen(s), Yes there's an (s) so if you have multiple screens you can capture everything!

4. We will demonstrate using Window Snip only. I will be using the Calculator as an example.

5. Select Windows Snip (See Step 3):

6. Hover your mouse on top of the window you need to capture.


7. The windows will be surrounded by red lines, left-click the mouse to capture the window.

8. You have captured a window-only screenshot! Well done! Now Click on the Save icon or copy it to paste somewhere else by clicking the Copy icon.


9. Try the other modes like Rectangular mode or Fullscreen mode to familiarize yourself with the tool.

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