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How to convert .HEIC image (iphone pictures) to JPG image (General format)


Cannot view your iphone camera pictures on your computer? This is because Apple devices save the images as High Efficiency Image File Format, with an extension as .heic. There are many online converters and you can convert the .heic images into .jpg format which is supported by most browsers and software!

We will show you how to convert an image(s) to .jpg file(s) via


  1. Locate the .heic file(s) in your computer. In my case they are in a folder within Downloadsmceclip0.png
  2. Open Chrome and browse to
  3. Start with Select Filemceclip2.png
  4. Locate your file(s), you can select multiple files if necessarymceclip1.png
  5. Choose Convert to JPG (or any other format you prefer, for example .png), then click Convert.mceclip5.png
  6. Once the conversion is completed, you can Download the file(s).mceclip3.png
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