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How to fix Outlook continually prompts for password issue


Have you encounter the issue Outlook prompt continually asking for a password?

This may happen when you have multiple mailbox added to your Outlook. If this is what happened to you then check out the guide written below:


The Steps:

  1. Open Outlook and the security prompt asking for password shows up.

  2. Click "More choices"
  3. Select "Use a different account"


  4. Enter the username and password as per below format:

    username: "hotsite\<username>"
    password: "<Your Cloud password>"

    For example, 

    MAKE SURE you included 'Hotsite\" in Username field.


  5. Once you have finished entering your credentials, click "OK"
  6. If you have multiple mailbox associated to your Outlook, you will need to perform steps 2-5 again.
    MAKE SURE you keep an eye on which email address Outlook is signing you into, you MUST use the correct username and password for that account:


  7. You can now access Outlook with no more prompts.
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