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How to use Smart Sync in Dropbox


If you have a Dropbox that contains a lot of data on your Cloud desk, you may need to use a Dropbox feature called Smart Sync to save space on your hard disk. This feature is only available with a Dropbox Plus subscription.

Smart Sync is a feature that creates a list of all of your files and folders in Dropbox as you would normally expect, without downloading the data itself onto your computer.

The data for the file you need to work on will only be downloaded onto your computer once you open the file.


The Steps:

Turning Smart Sync On

  1. Open a file explorer and go to the location for Dropbox. By default this is C:\Users\your Cloud Networks username\Dropbox.
  2. Click on any file or folder and press Control + A to select everything.
  3. Right-Click on the selected files and folders and go into Smart Sync then select Online Only and wait for the change to complete.
  4. Set a reminder in Outlook to repeat this process every week to prevent your computer from running out of space.

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