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How to install Citrix Workspace on Windows


If you are a CloudDesk or CloudApp user then you will need to have Citrix installed to your computer or device that you are trying to connect from. 

This guide shows how to install Citrix Workspace to a Windows computer, this could be Windows 7, 8 10 and so forth. 

As mentioned in the article How to install Citrix - Windows we have a specific cut down version of Citrix that we like to install from our website, in most cases our website will detect if you don't have Citrix installed and it will prompt you to download and install it.

However, in some cases our clients wish to use the full Citrix Workspace application and we also have a specific version we require installed as detailed below.

The Steps:

  1. Visit CNAWorkSpace
  2. This will download our custom Citrix Workspace app for Windows
  3. Once downloaded, double click the file and follow the prompts to install Citrix Workspace.
    (If prompted by Windows Defender, click More Info and Run Anyway)
  4. Click Yes:
  5. Click Start:
  6. Check the box to accept the license agreement and click Install:
  7. You can either click Finish if you normally login via our website, or you can click Add Account:
  8. In the server address type and click Add:
  9. Enter your cloud networks username and password when prompted and enter Hotsite for the domain. Tick the box to remember your password

    For example:
    Username: Hotsite\joe.bloggs
    Password: ***********

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