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Unable to connect to Cloud Desk via iPad with a Telstra SIM


We have recently found an issue where clients using an iPad which is running the latest iOS v12.+ with a Telstra Mobile Data SIM are unable to access their Cloud Desktops via Citrix Workspaces or Receiver when using said Mobile Data connection. Instead of successfully connecting to their Cloud Desktop they get the following error.

This above error only shows on iPads which have a Telstra Mobile Data SIM and are connecting to the internet over this Telstra connection. If connected to the internet over WiFi the error does not show.

Through extensive testing on multiple Apple Devices and with different Mobile Data Providers, we have isolated the issue to a connection setting which is automatically set by the Telstra SIM on the affected iPads.


Quick Resolution

For those who are affected by this issue we have created a Quick Resolution Patch that adjusts your Telstra SIM settings on your iPad. To find out more about this Patch please see the techy details in the video below. To apply the patch follow the instructions below on your iPad.

  1.  Open Safari on the iPad and click on this link: Telstra APN Patch for iPad
  2. This will download the Patch and you will be prompted to install the "Profile" to your iPad
  3. Follow the steps shown in the video below


If you require any assistance please give us a call on 1300 208 155









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