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How to copy files between the CloudDesk and your local (physical) computer


If you are ever needing to copy files between your Cloud Desktop and your Local Physical Computer its extremely easy! Watch the video below or check out the written steps to learn more.


The Steps:

To get started, checkout the headings listed below or alternatively watch the short 5min video linked above.

  1. Check file access to your local computer

  2. Sample copy action

Check file access to your local computer.

  1. Login to your Cloud Desk via
  2. Once logged in and launched CloudDesk follow the steps below.
  3. At the top of your CloudDesk screen there is a black drop down menu.
  4. Select Preferences.
  5. Switch to the File Access tab.
  6. Select Read/Write access.
    This will allow files to be moved between the CloudDesk and the local computer.
  7. Browse to “This PC” and check if you can see the computer Local C Drive. It should be displayed as a format "Local Disk (C: on <Name>)".


Sample copy action.

Now let’s assume you want to copy the Word document SupportArticle-1.doc located in your CloudDesk’s \SupportArticles folder,  to a folder called \Files To Put On USB on your local computer’s C: drive.

  1. From within the Windows Explorer, browse to C:\SupportArticles folder and select the file you want to copy.
  2. Open another Windows Explorer session to This PC (You can do it via, Start Menu > type "This PC").
  3. Double Click on Local Disk (C: on <Name>), in this case Local Disk (C: On WR_AvchPducBBb8).mceclip6.png
  4. Locate the folder you want to copy the files to, in this case, \Files To Put On USB.
  5. Copy the file SupportArticle-1.doc from C:\SupportArticles (CloudDesk's folder) to Local Disk (C: on <Name>)\Files To Put On USB.mceclip9.png
  6. Done.
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