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How to copy files between the CloudDesk and your local (physical) computer


If you are ever needing to copy files between your Cloud Desktop and your Local Physical Computer its extremely easy! Watch the video below or check out the written steps to learn more.


The Steps:

To get started, checkout the headings listed below or alternatively watch the short 5min video linked above.

  1. Drives overview

  2. Sample copy action

  3. Check file access to your local computer



Drives overview

  1. From within the CloudDesk open Windows Explorer (Start Menu > My Computer).
    By default, this will open up the “HDX FILE ACCESS” dialog.
    See Check file access to your local computer if this dialog does not appear or if you have difficulties accessing your local computer’s hard drive from within your CloudDesk.
  2. Select Read/Write access.
    This will allow files to be moved between the CloudDesk and the local computer.
  3. Depending on your preference, tick the box  Do not ask me again for this virtual desktop.
    If this box is ticked, read/write will be set as the default behaviour.
  4. The “MY COMPUTER” dialog will open and present you with a list of drives.
  • The drives(s) listed in the Hard Disk Drives section are the drives “in” your CloudDesk.
  • The drives(s) listed in the Network Drives section are the drives in your local computer.In the example above, the local computer has 2 hard drives which are visible to the CloudDesk as V: and U:.




Sample copy action.

Now let’s assume you want to copy the Word document SupportArticle-1.doc located in your CloudDesk’s \SupportArticles folder,  to a folder called \Files To Put On CD on your local computer’s C: drive.

  1. From within the Windows Explorer, browse to C:\SupportArticles folder and select the file you want to copy.
  2. Open another Windows Explorer session using Start Menu > My Computer.
  3. In the Network Drives section double-click the V: drive.
  4. As you can see, “V:” refers to the “C:” drive on your local computer.
  5. This will open up the “C: ON ‘CLIENT’ (V:)” dialog, showing the folders on your local computer’s C: drive.
  6. Select the folder Files to Put On CD.
    image image
    Double click on Files to Put On D…
    …this will open the Files to Put On CD folder.
    Paste the copied file.  
  7. Done.


Check file access to your local computer.

If the “HDX FILE ACCESS” dialog does not appear or you don’t seem to have access to your local computer’s hard drive, check the following settings.

  1. Click on the Citrix toolbar at the top of the CloudDesk and click Preferences.
  2. This will open up the “DESKTOP VIEWER PREFERENCES” dialog.
  3. Select the ‘HDX’ tab.
  4. In the File Access section, change access method to 1 of the following:


    Option Description
    Disabled No access to the local computer’s hard  drive(s)
    Read only Only ‘READ’ access to the local computer’s hard drive(s)
    Read/write Full access to the local computer’s hard drive(s)
    Prompt Will prompt for required access.
  5. Click OK.If the box Remember my selection is ticked, the selection you make in File Access is remembered for future sessions.
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