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How to View, restore, or delete versions in a SharePoint 2010 list or library


To view version history of a document or an item, you can track and manage within list and library.

An item history will contain the new versions after changes are saved.



    Go to the list or library with the item or document for which you want to view history.

  2. Click the down arrow next to the document or item you want to view version history, and then click Version History.

  3. In the Version History dialog box, hover your mouse over the date link on an earlier version and click the down arrow to show the menu.

  4. In the menu, you can do the following.

  5. View the current document. This will bring up a dialog where you can edit, restore, or delete, as well as see the current approval status.

  6. From the View dialog, you may be able to edit, though it's usually disabled. 

    1. To edit, select Edit Properties from the drop-down menu on the file or item.

  7. Restore the document. This option displays a dialog asking if you want to make it the currently approved document. It will add it as a new version.

  8. That's it! Good Work!

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