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How to send from another email address that you have been granted "Send As Permission" - Outlook


If you have been granted "Send As Permission" to another mailbox by Cloud Networks Support and you are wanting to send emails "From" that mailbox/email address then follow the steps below to add the "From" address to your new email template in Outlook.


The Steps

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Compose a New Email

  3. Click on the Options tab and click on From. This will then display the potentially missing From.. field within the New Email template. (If From.. field is showing already then JUMP to next step.)

  4. Once enabled you will see the From... field above the To... field

  5. To pick a different From address that you have access to Click From

  6. The other email address may show here already, if not Click > Other E-mail Address...

  7. Type in the Email Address or select the correct one from the Address Book

  8. Once done Click > OK

  9. To send an email from that address use the From field drop down to select the appropriate email address.

  10. Now time to send a test email. 

If you send an email and receive a bounce back message then please contact 1300 208 155 or email us via as you may not have the appropriate permissions set.


Lastly, note that in most cases (unless configured differently) the sent items will be saved to the your email account's sent folders, not the email address that you are sending as.


For example, if my email address is and I have permission to send from and I send an email from from then the sent item will be in my Sent folder ( 


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