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How to install Citrix Workspace on your iPad or iPhone


Check out this video on how to setup your ios device such as your iPhone or iPad with access to your Cloud Desk and/or Cloud Apps. It's what makes the Cloud Networks Environment standout from the rest! You can access your entire environment on the go from any device, any where, any time. Check it out!



The Steps:

  1. Download and install Citrix Workspaces for iOS from the App Store (this is a free app).
  2. Once installed, launch the Citrix Workspaces app by tapping the icon
  3. Accept the notifications message
  4. When prompted click Get Started
  5. Type in the Cloud Networks Environment Address which is
  6. Click Continue
  7. Enter in your Cloud Networks Credentials as per the screenshot

    Username: As provided
    Password: As provided
    Domain: Hotsite
  8. You don't need to enter your password at this stage, only enter it here if you want the device to remember it meaning you will never be prompted to enter it. I recommend entering it each time you need to access the environment to ensure security is kept.
  9. Press Save at top right
  10. If you opted to not enter your password you will be prompted now. If you entered it at step 7 then you can skip to step 11. Enter your password now when prompted.
  11. Once verified you will have a screen similar to this below
  12. Tap on the + (plus) to the far left of the screen
  13. This will show you all the Applications or Cloud Desktops you have access to
  14. Tap on the + (plus) next to any of the items you want access to on your dashboard within Citrix Receiver
  15. Once done Tap on the main screen
  16. You can now Tap on any of the items on the dashboard to open them
  17. That's it! All done!

To open your apps on your iOS device all you need to do is open Citrix Workspace from you home screen and tap on the app you wish to open, that simple.

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