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How to setup Cloud Networks email in Outlook 2016 (365 Subscription)


This article is for those who have purchased Office 2016 via a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

If you are unsure if you are running Office 365 then check out the beginning of the video which guides you through how to check.

If you are using Office 365 and you are trying to setup your email account and are having issues then this guide will help. Be sure to apply the Registry Fix (click to download) supplied and then follow the steps set out below and via the video. Any issues or questions please call 1300 208 155.


The Steps:

  1. Determine if you are running Office 365 Subscription, to do this Open Word 
  2. Once Opened, navigate to File > Account
  3. Here you can tell if running Office via Office 365 subscription or other
  4. If other - then check out this article
  5. Open Control Panel (Start Menu > Type and search "Control Panel").
  6. Click on Control Panel

  7. Click in the Search box from the top right
  8. Type Mail

  9. You should then see Mail (32-bit) within the results
  10. Click Show Profiles...
  11. This window will show if any other Outlook profiles exist, in this case there are 2 already present and the one named pk is the default one.
  12. As we are wanting to Add a new profile to Outlook and set as default profile
  13. Click Add...
  14. Give the Profile a unique name and press OK

  15. From the Auto Account Setup window fill in ALL details and click “Next”.
    • Your name: <type your name here or the accounts name i.e. Payroll or Admin>
    • E-mail Address: <The email address provided to you by Cloud Networks>
    • Password: <The email address password provided to you by Cloud Networks>
  16. Once you press next give it up to 5-10min for your settings to be detected
  17. You may see a Windows Security Prompt like the one below
  18. When prompted for your credentials click More choices

  19. Click Use a different account

  20. You can now Enter the correct Username - i.e. hotsite\<username>

  21. As per the above picture you must include "hotsite\" in the Username field
  22. Tick Remember my credentials
  23. Click OK
    • If all is correct you won't be prompted again for any password, if you continue to receive security prompts, check over the above steps and if still issues contact 
  24. This is what you should see if everything goes through correctly. Three Green Ticks

  25. Click Finish on the Congratulations! screen
  26. You will appear back at the Profile window, we now need to set this New Profile as the default one
  27. Use the Drop down as per the below image shows to set the default profile

  28. Click Apply then Ok once happy
  29. All done! 
  30. Go ahead and Open Outlook to load your new mailbox
  31. If prompted for credentials please repeat the steps shown at step 21
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