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How to use the Files Portal - Creating a Shareable Direct Download Link


This article will teach you how to Create a shareable (direct) download link to a file within the Files Portal, either check out the video or written steps below.


Create a Direct Link

A Direct Link allows you to share a stored file with others. It does this by creating a link to the file which can be shared via email for example.

  1. Login to the Files Portal 
  2. Select the file for which you want to create a Direct Link and right-click.
  3. Select Direct Link…, this will open up the “DIRECT LINK” dialog.
  4. Tick the various security options the link should have (not mandatory).
    Link expires… Determines for how many days the link will be valid.
    Link can be opened… Limit the number of times the link can be used.
    Protect link with password Secure the link with a password.
  5. Click Create Direct Link.
    The created link will be displayed in the ‘Direct Link:’ section.
  6. This link can be copied or emailed using Outlook.
  7. Click Email. A new Outlook email message dialog opens up with the link already in there.
  8. Click OK when ready.
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