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How to open an exported mailbox (pst file) in Outlook


You may be provided a mailbox export file also known as a .pst file - this file can contain emails, calendar entries and contact information but it all depends on the export process and what was selected. 

To open this file in Outlook simply watch or read the guide below.


The Steps:

  1. Navigate to where the .pst file is located
  2. Note this location down as you will need to navigate to it shortly.
  3. Open Outlook
  4. Click File > Open & Export

  5. Click on Open Outlook Data File
  6. This will open a dialog window where you can navigate to the location of the .pst file mentioned at step 1 and 2. 
  7. Select the .pst file and click OK to open it

  8. Once opened it will show on the Left Side Pane within Outlook 
  9. You can now traverse through the folders and its contents
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