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How to check emails caught by the spam filter


Cloud Networks provides sophisticated levels of email spam detection. To help customers review and manage their email we have implemented "End User Quarantine" (EUQ) or Check Spam as it's also known as. 

This functionality gives you the ability to check for any emails 'caught as spam' for any of your mailboxes and if there is a legitimate email caught you can release it.


The Steps:

  1. Browse to and select the appropriate login page via the Login tab.
  2. Once logged in click on the Apps tab.
  3. Click on Check Spam mceclip0.png
  4. This will take you to the EUQ website 
  5. From here you can login with your mailbox credentials or any other mailbox that you are wanting to check spam for. Be sure to use hotsite\<username> as the username.
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