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CloudDesk or CloudApp is slow since macOS Mojave update


With the latest release of macOS Mojave there has been reports of users experiencing slow load times of the environment and usability is also slow and sticky feeling. This has been caused by the latest macOS Mojave update. 

Follow the steps below to rectify this issue.

Step 1 - What version macOS am I running

The first thing you need to do is confirm that you are running macOS Mojave.

  1. From your Mac click the Apple icon Top Left Corner
  2. Click About this Mac
  3. From there you should see a window like the one below where it states what version you are on
    Image result for macos mojave about this mac
  4. If you are not on macOS Mojave then please contact as the issue you are experiencing could be different.
  5. If you are on macOS Mojave then follow the steps below.


Step 2 - You are on macOS Mojave

If you've found out that your mac is running macOS Mojave then follow the steps below to install a different Citrix Receiver version that is supported and will most likely get rid of the issues you have been experiencing. 

  1. Visit
  2. This will download the citrix receiver app for Mac
    • Do this even if Citrix Receiver is downloaded
  3. Install the Citrix App to your mac by Double Clicking on the file and following the install prompts.
  4. When asked to enter login details or a site address just ignore this part
  5. Login to the Portal via
  6. Click on the CloudDesk or CloudApp to launch 
  7. Navigate to the Downloads area within the browser and click on the 'Launch.ica' file to launch your Cloud Desktop or Cloud App.



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