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How to read & write files to a USB device from your CloudDesk


How to read & write files to and from USB devices and your CloudDesk

Note: For demonstration purposes, a Kingston Data Traveler 400 USB key with 1 file on it
(Testfile on USB stick.txt) is inserted into the local computer.

  1. The host computer sees this USB key as drive K:.
  2. Logon to your CloudDesk as per normal.
  3. Select USB from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  4. If the above toolbar is not visible, click on image to expand the toolbar to full view.
  5. Select your USB storage device from the drop down list.
  6. The drivers for this USB device will be installed and once it is ready for use, an extra icon will appear in the notification tray in the right hand corner of your CloudDesk.
  7. Once the USB device is ready for use, open Windows Explorer or My Computer and the USB device is now available as a disk within CloudDesk. This means it can now be used to read files from or write files to.
  8. For this session/device, CloudDesk has assign drive letter E: to the USB device.
  9. Opening drive E: from within CloudDesk will show the file Testfile on USB stick.txt.
  10. Done.
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