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How to install Citrix - Windows


If you are a CloudDesk or CloudApp user then you will need to have Citrix installed to your computer or device that you are trying to connect from. 

This guide shows how to install Citrix to a Windows computer, this could be Windows 7, 8 10 and so forth. 

We have a specific version of Citrix that we like to install from our website, in most cases our website will detect if you don't have Citrix installed and it will prompt you to download and install it, but in this case we are going to do run through the steps manually. 


The Steps:

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Login at the top right corner
  3. Once logged into the Portal you may be prompted to install Citrix Online Plugin - if so skip to step 6
  4. On the portal page, click on Settings.
  5. In the “SETTINGS” area, select Run Client Detection.
  6. Tick the box for I agree with the Citrix license agreement and click Install.
  7. The Citrix Online Plugin File will download
  8. Run the downloaded file to install Citrix to your computer
  9. Wait for the download to finish than click Continue.
  10. Depending on the browser your using, run the file which has just been downloaded.
    Internet Explorer Browse to the download folder and double click CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe.
    Firefox Browse to the download folder and double click CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe.
    Google Chrome Click on CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe in the left hand corner of the download bar.
  11. An “OPEN FILE – SECURITY WARNING” dialog will be displayed.
  12. Click Run to start the installation of the Citrix online plugin components.
  13. Once the installation is complete click Continue on the Software Install page

  14. Back on the Portal page you can now single click on your CloudDesk or CloudApp to launch
  15. Note - that you will be prompted to save and/or run a file called Launch.ica this is normal and will occur each time you need to access your CloudDesk or CloudApp
  16. The launch.ica file is your unique key for this specific session to get into your CloudDesk or CloudApp
  17. Click to run/open this file to launch into your CloudApp or CloudDesk via Citrix

Good Work! You can now access your CloudDesk or CloudApp.

If you have any issues just contact 

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