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How to setup email on an iPhone or iPad Mail app


The steps below will guide you through setting up your iPhone or iPad with your exchange mailbox hosted by Cloud Networks. Note that the settings shown in the video and screenshots may slightly differ as iOS devices (iPad / iPhone) update periodically so some steps may differ over time.

If you have any issues please give us a call on 1300 208 155. 


The Steps

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ from the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select ‘Mail’
  3. Select 'Accounts'.
  4. Select ‘Add Account’.
  5. Choose ‘Exchange’.
  6. Enter your E-mail address and Description.
    * The E-mail address you are sending E-mail from:
  7. Tap ‘Next’.
  8. A dialog box will pop out. Choose ‘Configure Manually’.
    ** If you are with an Office 365 Account, Choose "Sign In". Choose "Work or School Account", Enter the credentials then skip to step 12.**
  9. Enter your password.
    * The E-mail Address Password provided to you by Cloud Networks.
  10. Tap ’Next’.
  11. You will then see a screen like the one below, which requires you to enter a bunch of settings. 
    Follow these settings carefully.

    --> Email:
    --> Domainhotsite
    --> Username: <The user name provided to you by Cloud Networks>
    --> Password: <The E-mail Address Password provided to you by Cloud Networks>
  12. Once the above settings have been entered CLICK NEXT
  13. Choose which types of data you would like to synchronize then Tap ‘Save’.
  14. Congratulations, you’re now good to go! Try to send yourself an email and see if you can receive it.

For any further assistance please contact Support.

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