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How to setup email on an Android Device


The steps below are a general guide on how to setup your Android Device with your exchange mailbox. You can follow these steps on an Android Smartphone or Tablet, but keep in mind that some steps may be different as each manufacturer have slightly different settings but the principals are the same.

Setup via Outlook App:


The Steps:

  1. Select “Settings” from the “Menu” of your device.
  2. Under “Personal”, select “Accounts & Sync”.
  3. Tap “Add” on top-right hand corner.
  4. Select “Exchange”.
  5. Enter your E-mail address and select “Manual Setup”.
    * The E-mail Address you are sending E-mail from:
  6. Select “Exchange” for the account type.
  7. Enter your E-mail address password. Tab “Next”.
    * The E-mail Address Password provided to you by Cloud Networks.

  8. In the page “Incoming server settings”, enter all credentials required. Tap “Next”.
    * All fields are automatically filled, Make Sure all credentials are CORRECT.

Domain\username: hotsite\<Username>

Password: <The Password provided to you by Cloud Networks>


Port: 443

Security type: SSL / TLS

  1. Your device will validate the server settings.
  2. Select “OK” when prompted with a warning “Remote Security Administration”.
  3. Select “Activate” when the device asks “Activate device administrator?”
  4. Your account setup is completed. Enter a name for the account. Tab “Next”.
  5. Your device is connected to Exchange and READY for use!

Good work! Now open your email app to see all your mail.


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