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How to use multiple monitors with your CloudDesk


A great feature of the CloudDesk is being able to use multiple monitors. Check out the video and written guides below on how to setup your CloudDesk for dual monitors. Its extremely easy. 


The Steps:

  1. Make sure the CloudDesk session is NOT running in Full Screen mode.
    This means that the CloudDesk has a border around it which makes it look like a window.
  2. It should look similar to this:
  3. and has the following icons in the right hand corner of that window:
  4. If the CloudDesktop is running in Full Screen mode, select Window from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  5. If the above toolbar is not visible, click on image to expand the toolbar to full view.
  6. Now the CloudDesk session is running in Window mode, position the window on your primary monitor.
  7. Hover over the right border of the CloudDesk window until the double-arrow appears.
  8. Press the left mouse button and “drag” the border onto the secondary monitor.
  9. Release the mouse button.
  10. The CloudDesktop session will now be expanded across the two monitors – but still run in Window mode.
  11. To run the CloudDesktop in Full Screen mode across the two monitors, click on the toolbar (again, you might need to expand the toolbar first) and select Full Screen.
  12. Done.

If you are using 2 monitors with a big difference in resolution, this might not work and you will only see the CloudDesk on one monitor. If you do experience this please give us a call on 1300 208 155 and we can help out.

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